Announcing Our New Company Name – Veriteam

Makros Europe was launched in 2015 and has changed a lot over the last year — the services we are offering have evolved, having been refined based on customer feedback and popularity. So today we’re launching our new name, website and branding.


Our new name is now Veriteam. The Veriteam name comes from the word ‘Verity’, meaning a true principle of fundamental importance, and ‘Team’ which embodies our company ethos and focus on teams.


So why are we doing this now? From the initial idea based around providing the best teams to deliver change for our customers, we have grown to understand the strength our networked teams are bringing to our customers. This focus on excellence, network and team is at our core so we wanted our brand to reflect this. We are about looking for ways, today, to help our customers and ourselves to be more efficient, and to continually strive to improve an already great organisation.


Veriteam’s new brand identity includes a new corporate logo, and a new, state-of-the-art website at The site is designed with a modern, fresh look and user-friendly navigation, updated with the latest information about our services. The new corporate logo has been developed with the concept of a circle of people with interlocking arms or our teams out at client sites, sharing knowledge with each other.


“We saw a chance to set Veriteam apart, to uncover and communicate the brand’s underlying beliefs,” said Managing Director Grace Lawless. “Passion for delivering excellence and sharing knowledge to enhance the power of the team, that’s what Veriteam is all about.”


The new website can be viewed at

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