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Watch our video which explains what project management is and what it can do for you.

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If you are new to or are considering a career in project management, this video will help you to understand what project management is and why it is useful in clear and simple terms.

Imagine you are building a house.

Project Management is the name given to the approach you use to manage the completion of the house. This includes the processes and tools and people. Now imagine you wanted to get going straight away and asked your builder to just build you a house. What are the chances that house would look how you imagined it and have all the things and benefits you wanted when you started? How do you know how long it will take or how much it will cost to build?

Will it meet all the building regulations? And how will you and your builder know when it is finished?

If you used a project management approach, you would start by defining what you want the house to look like. Then an architect would draw up the plans. Your builder will use the plans to work out how much it will cost and how long it will take to build.

The planning team will understand what type of house is being built. The people involved will all know what they are responsible for doing. All of this will give you confidence that your finished dream house is going to contain everything you wanted.

Phases will be agreed up front and may include defining requirements, coming up with a design, building the design, testing that it meets the original requirements plus any regulations, and final sign off. Regular status reports give you clear insight into what is happening during the project. Risk management enables you to design solutions called contingency plans and assign them to owners.

This helps you monitor the final quality and reduces the chance of costly rework and time overruns, saving you money!

So project management is the name given to the structured approach used to deliver one off change which has benefits and objectives.
Project management provides a process to follow when something hasn’t been done before and it brings transparency to what is happening.

It ensures the end goals, budgets, timelines, quality and roles and responsibilities are well defined. It provides a way of managing risks and controlling changing requirements during the project life-cycle, increasing your chances of success.

A project management approach can add structure and increase the chances of successfully delivering the desired business objectives and benefits.

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