Workshop: Do you want to make your business more efficient?

Join us on 29 November for our Workshop “Do you want to make your business more efficient?’


Why do you need to improve efficiency?

– Are you preparing to sell?

– Are you looking for investment?

– Are struggling to meet targets?

– Are you wanting to grow?

– Are you looking to reduce your ISO9001 overheads?

– Are you merging with another company?


Veriteam – Grace Lawless


There are many areas to consider when looking to improve your businesses efficient and the above are just a few. Grace Lawless, Director of Veriteam will look at ways to identify and priortise focus areas, make changes that also deliver your strategic goals and help you create a roadmap to efficiency.


Grace will be joined by Plus Accounting Director, Jamie Young and he will be looking at the efficiences that can be made around your cash flow, forecasting and other financial areas of your business.


The Workshop is aimed at MD’s, CEO’s, Business Owners, Directors and Managers who recognise that improving your processes has a host of benefits that will simplify your business; improve productivity, reduce costs, remove manual steps, improve systems, reduce errors and reduce rework. If this sounds like something that would benefit your business, make sure to register your place.


This is a great opportunity to take part in an interactive session and share your thoughts and ideas with your peers.


The Workshop will be held at MyHotel on Jubilee Street, Brighton on 29 November – please join us from 8.00am for a light breakfast and we will begin the Workshop at 8.30am.


Book tickets here.

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