Improving Processes, Delivering Profitability

Read our latest article in the Brighton and Hove Independant News:


  • Are your processes constantly changing due to regulation, audit or market demands?
  • Do you have a lot of processes but nothing seems to be working?
  • Do you need to shorten your product’s time-to-market because of increased competition?
  • Do employees or customers lack information on how key processes work?
  • Does your management team lack the information necessary to make key process-related decisions?


Improving your processes can make you able to respond to market changes faster, help you become more productive by eliminating duplication and rework, increase your efficiency and transparency and improve your customer satisfaction.


One project can lead to an improvement of 25%, sometimes significantly more.


Four tips for improving your processes:

  1. Understand what you want to achieve: Needing to reduce your costs will give you a different focus to needing to improve your quality standards. Use this to help prioritise which parts of your business you look at first.
  2. Get inside your customers head: Map out the customer journey so you understand what delights and frustrates your customers. You’ll get new insights into how your customers experience your company and what is important to them. Then invest more into the things they value, and fix the areas that frustrates them. This will dramatically improve customer loyalty and increase the number of your customers who are referring you.
  3. Develop a process manual: A process manual is a set of instructions to carry out day to day operations. This is one of the most cost effective ways of achieving a certain degree of process standardisation and can immediately flag areas that can be improved.
  4. Map your end to end internal processes. Identify steps where there is duplication, manual effort, high rates of errors and downstream impacts. Then work with your team to find better ways of achieving your end goal that will be more efficient, require less effort and improve your success. You’ll find your best ideas will come from the people who do these processes day in and day out, and this will help improve employee engagement too.

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