Tips For Choosing A CRM Tool – Part 2 Usability & Systems Integrations

Welcome to our series on choosing a CRM tool. Follow these steps to choose a new CRM tool which will help you grow your business faster.


Now you’ve identified what it needs to do any how much you want to spend, it’s time to determine how usable it is and what systems it needs to integrate with.


How Usable Is It?


Will you use it from a desktop PC or out on the road from a mobile device? We recommend selecting a cloud based solution so that it is accessible from any location at any time. How clear and intuitive is the user interface? This will impact how long it will take to train your team and how well it gets used in the future. Complicated systems may not be worth the effort in training costs and may end up being under used by your team. It’s important to test a few to see whether their claims of ease of use stand up with your working style. There is no one-size-fits-all CRM solution for small businesses so either choose an option that can be easily customised to fit your way of working for free, or choose an option that lets you select only the features your business requires (this can make it cheaper too).


What Systems Does It Need To Integrate With?


Integrating your CRM software with your other business software means data can flow through the different parts of your business. A good example is integrating your CRM with your accounting solution. You won’t have to copy and paste, export and import spreadsheets, or type data from one system into another. This removes the chance of making data errors and dramatically speeds up your processes. Check the CRM solution providers website to see which systems they can integrate with before you make your choice.


Understanding what you need your CRM tool to do, how much your budget is, checking for usability and system integrations means you are ready to select the best tool for your needs.


Check back for part 3 of choosing a CRM tool.

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