Tips For Choosing A CRM Tool – Part 3 Installing Your System

Welcome to our series on choosing a CRM tool. Follow these steps to choose a new CRM tool which will help you grow your business faster.


Now you’ve made your choice, how do you prepare for using your new system? And how do you ensure your team continue to use it longer term?




This is an ideal to take a fresh look at your processes to see if there are any steps that haven’t evolved with your business or that can be simplified. Map out how things work today and then work out how they will work with your new CRM tool. Look out for duplication and opportunities to streamline.


Agree Responsibilities


For your shiny new system to be used, it needs to be very clear who is responsible for what. It’s easy for people to lack clarity over who owns a part of the process or assume someone else is doing something. Mapping out how your processes will work gives you the opportunity to confirm ownership.




Make sure you pay attention to training your team on the new system. You’re likely to be very familiar with it by now as you evaluated it and then chose it. Remember each person has a different comfort level when it comes to technology so increase your chances of success by training your team and leaving them with process manuals that clearly describe exactly how they should use the system, step by step. This will help people to continue using the system longer term.


Tracking Progress


Your CRM tool will have some great reports which should become a core part of your daily toolbox. They will give you a live snapshot of how your business is performing and your progress towards your goals.


Finally, don’t forget security. CRM software will easily become the core of your operations. Don’t forget that your CRM software should have stringent security measures to prevent cyberattacks and data loss, as well as provide a means to access your data in the event of an outage or cyberattack.


Good luck with your selection process, let us know how you get on. Which CRM systems do you use?

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