Small Business Concerns About Brexit

The day has arrived and Theresa May has triggered Article 50, meaning the UK will start the negotiation process for leaving the EU. Some of our customers have already seen a slow down in orders, for others this presents a new opportunity. The pound has plummeted and regained ground, and numerous surveys have measured growing and declining business and consumer confidence.

While we can’t realistically forecast what the impact will actually be, we can confidently say there will be an impact! So we’ve rounded up some of the best business blog articles out there, many observing the impact so far and a few forecasting what they think the future impact might be.

The Impact So Far

Industry Sector Impact

Productivity impact

Trade Impact

Rising Prices Impact

Skills Impact

Economic Growth Impact


The Deloitte Q1 Chief Finance Officers survey is due out next week and we’re sure it’ll make for some interesting reading. We’re slowly moving towards a new version of normal. What impacts do you anticipate?

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