A 2 Minute Guide To Simplifying Your Processes

Simplify Your Processes

Can you really grow your business without spending more money?

If all your cash flow is tied up in day-to-day operations, growing your business by spending more on hiring new staff, creating new products or services, or investing in marketing to attract more customers, can feel far beyond your reach. At the same time, you want to develop the business. You have products or services your customers love, but you know you can achieve more. What are your options?

Yes, you could always speak to your friendly bank manager and increase your financing. But there is a different way which doesn’t involve getting into debt! Read on…

How some of our customers simplified their processes:

Consider the events company which doubled the speed of its events planning process. Or the removals company that saved £17,000 a year on their operations. Or the travel agency that halved their overheads. These large cost savings meant they had more time and money for growing their businesses without investing in extra people, marketing or product development.

They took a forensic look at their businesses and identified how they could do things better.

Any type of business can do this. Ikea are famous for their continuous improvement approach. They make small, incremental improvements which all add up to deliver big benefits. After redesigning their best-selling Bang mug over the years, they eventually doubled the number they can fit on a single pallet – halving their shipping and storage costs.

We help one of our events planning customers to review how they plan their many events each year. By getting things right at the beginning and streamlining systems, they reduced the need for retrospective quality checking and approvals. By integrating their CRM system with Trello and Eventbrite, information can flow, and tasks are automatically triggered; removing errors, speeding things up and improving communications so everyone can see the status of each event plan in real time.

The removals company focused on how they respond to customer quote requests. They were able to speed this up, enabling customers to self-serve their quote on their website which reduced the number of lost enquiries and improved the accuracy of their pricing. This eliminated errors, made things run more smoothly and improved customer satisfaction ratings. These small changes all added up to a significant saving over the year – likely the equivalent of a new full-time member of staff! They are using this extra capacity to create new sales channels and have set a new plan to achieve growth targets of 30% for the year!

You really can grow your business without spending more money.

Making small improvements to how you run your business can add up to big savings and new growth.

Veriteam works with you to rationalise, streamline and improve your processes.
By having an independent external expert looking afresh at your processes, we can identify areas for improvement –
where your business can work smarter, quicker, cheaper, and ultimately more profitably.

Contact us now on 01273 569109 or info@veriteam.co.uk. Let’s talk about how to unlock growth.

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