New Leaders Forum Announced!

Today we’ve announced the launch of the new Veriteam Leaders Forum.

Are you a CEO, MD or Founder looking to take your skills to the next level? Join a network of some of the world’s most visionary leaders and entrepreneurs.

This is an opportunity to share individual experiences with other managing directors and take away practical insights that will enable you to make a real impact in your organisation.

The Veriteam Leaders Forum is an online peer to peer action learning group. The Forum is designed to support and challenge MD’s, CEO’s and Founders both with the development of management and decision-making skills necessary to magnify their impact as leaders and innovators, and support to resolve the challenges that all leaders experience during their careers.

Veriteam Leaders Forum Membership Features:

Exclusive, Confidential Peer to Peer Workgroups. Workgroups are held once a month via video conference. To ensure everyone present has an opportunity to have the group’s focus, workgroups will contain a maximum of seven members and one facilitator. Members are from non-competing industries so that advice is impartial.

New Connections and On Demand Advice. Our trusted online community provides access to support and advice when needed outside of the Workgroups. Members are subject matter experts as well as seasoned leaders providing excellent opportunities to grow your network.

What you will gain:

As a Managing Director you need many different skills for your business to succeed – from people management and team building to leadership and strategy setting. Even the most successful leaders face situations that challenge their strength and resilience. Drawing on the experience and guidance of peers who are in the same situation gives you access to a wealth of knowledge.

Who should apply:

You are a seasoned professional with numerous years of experience under your belt. You are busy juggling the demands of work and family. You are interested in joining a group that enhances your real-world skills. But, you don’t have time to travel to traditional time intensive networking events. And you want to be placed with other high-calibre, experienced Forum members.

An extraordinary cohort:

We take great care to make sure that each member of the Veriteam Leaders Forum will bring something exceptional to the experience. Our overarching goal is to bring together a cohort of members that is a microcosm of the global leadership community.

A strong candidate will:

  • Have at least 10 years of relevant work experience.
  • Demonstrate motivation and potential to lead an organization or a new venture and a commitment to leading innovation.
  • Push boundaries and tackle challenges that others might think too difficult to achieve.
  • Embrace a global perspective.
  • Commit to a year of self-reflection and professional growth.

Application Process:

To apply, complete the Expression of Interest form below. Once received we will review your submission and confirm whether you will be invited to a telephone interview.

An invitation to a telephone interview signals that your application has reached an advanced stage of consideration, but it does not guarantee admission.

Those invited to interview will be asked about their reasons for wanting to be a part of the forum so we can establish whether there is a two way fit and to determine which workgroup to place you in.

Subscription Fee:

Membership is offered at a competitive monthly fee of £80 plus VAT (£96 total). Once offered a place, we will send you direct debit details.

Expression of Interest Form:

Our guiding principles are to help you build critical skills essential for leaders; to instil a spirit of innovation; to foster a deep spirit of community among members; to provide depth through one-on-one relationships; and to offer a flexible environment to allow you to tailor the workgroups to meet your specific professional objectives.  We accomplish this by maintaining a foundation in our three pillars of: leadership, innovation and strategy.

Fill in the expression of interest form to learn more.

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