Careers at Veriteam

We champion the need for highly skilled people to have access to rewarding flexible work in a way that fits with modern family life. Instead of being trapped in a daily peak-hours commute to the nearest big city, our teams have a better way of working, helping them balance work with life.


We empower our people through part-time process improvement, project management and business analyst roles. This means there is a viable option for those who want to balance work with training or other commitments.


Our people don’t lose valuable workplace skills after a career break. This enables them to play an active part in family life, releasing them from the stress of being the stereotypical absent breadwinner.


Our flexible working model appeals to those who want a more flexible approach, but who still want to do a job that makes a difference and which makes the most of their skills and professional experience.


If you have a passion for delivering business improvements successfully and have more than 10 years’ experience in business analysis or project management, we want to hear from you.


Email your CV to and we’ll be in touch.