Budget pressures and changing technology mean there is a reliance on event planners being widely skilled. Events are detailed and require a lot of data to be held about attendees, meaning compliance with the GDPR regulations is critical. Processes are typically very detailed and manual, and are therefore open to errors.

Challenges we typically see:

  • Highly manual processes across a wide range of systems with data being duplicated in tools.
  • Increasing customer demands for opportunities to learn (from events that offer CPD credits for attendance), make contact with potential clients or partners, to meet industry experts, or gain early access to new trends or discoveries that will provide the return on investment for the price of attendance.
  • Regulatory changes including the GDPR will make it increasingly difficult to market and promote events outside of your existing database.
  • Planning needs to present the real value of an event to its delegates – not just create a cost-effective event for the organisers.

Event Processes

High Level Processes

Your processes have to align to your business model and are the way things get done within your organisation. Your processes impact your entire business so they need to reflect your strategy and and your why. Your processes should be treated as living organic things with regular reviews to check they’re still working effectively and efficiently.

Customer Processes

Insurance Processes - CUSTOMER

Client on-boarding:

  • Attract (Marketing & Promotion)
  • First Contact
  • Value Conversation
  • Template Client Agreements
  • Set-up Client in Customer Relationship Management System


  • How you answer calls and contact
  • How change requests are handled
  • Steps for renewing customer agreements
  • Processing/setting up new services

Release and Off-board:

  • When a client says they want to leave
  • ID clients who are not a good fit
  • Data archiving


Services Processes

Insurance Processes - SERVICES

  • Develop new events services
  • Deliver services to customers
  • Release old services which are no longer required
  • Improve existing services

Team Processes

Insurance Processes - TEAM

  • Attract new employees and onboard
  • Interact with HR processes
  • Educate and grow
  • Release and off-board

Organisation Infrastructure:

Insurance Processes - ORG

  • External regulatory and Compliance
  • Legal
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Procurement
  • Finance
  • IT
  • HR


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