Veriteam Services

Veriteam focuses on providing services across four core areas. Each service is applied consistently and thoughtfully so that they reinforce one another and strengthen your business as a whole.

Targets: Connecting strategy, goals and meaningful purpose

Having a clear vision in place helps you turn your business goals into a simple prioritised plan. Everyone in your team understands exactly how they contribute to the future of your business, unlocking faster growth. Related case studies: 30% Sales Growth!

  • Identify Your Vision & Goals: Crystalising where you want to take your business means having a clear, actionable vision around which your team can unite. Your business goals define the targets you will meet.
  • Design Your Strategic Approach: Your strategy defines how you will deliver your vision and goals.
  • Measure Your Success: Clear measurement and reporting helps keep you on track.


Processes: Discovering better ways of working

As your teams grow and your business evolves, your processes need to keep up.

We run workshops and interviews to map out how your end-to-end processes work today, understand what you need to achieve and design simple new processes that will revolutionise the way you do business.

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  • Streamline: Streamlining the processes you use to deliver services and products to your customers removes all the unnecessary steps.
  • Speed Up: When your processes are simpler, and manual steps have been automated, it’s possible to halve the time to get things done. Making your processes more effective and efficient, while minimising errors, delighting customers and keeping your team happy.
  • Get More Done: Faster processes means your team have more capacity to deliver services and products to your customers.

Customers: Delivering value efficiently to the customer

Speed up your business growth by truly understanding your customers needs.

  • Plug gaps: We start by identifying what your customers are looking for when they purchase from you. We then use this knowledge to improve your marketing, supporting the customer journey by plugging any gaps in the information you provide.
  • Delight: The next step is to match your internal processes to meet your customers needs, increasing your customer satisfaction.
  • Repeat custom and referrals: Customers repeat their purchases and refer you to future customers.

Teams: Enabling people to lead and contribute to their fullest potential

A business is built on it’s people. When everyone understands how their individual contribution adds up to the overall success of the business, they feel a sense of purpose as the team are pulling together to reach a shared goal. Related case studies: Team Goals Developed

  • Personalised goals: Enabling people to lead and contribute to their fullest potential means translating the business targets into tangible personalised goals.
  • Measure performance: Clear processes to measure performance help your team know when they are on track and how well they are doing throughout the year.
  • Reward your team: Clearly measured personal goals enable you to reward your team when the business and individual performance exceeds expectations.

We use proven Project Delivery & Lean methodologies to successfully support your business, whatever your stage.


Contact us and we’ll help your employees contribute to their full potential: or 01273 569109.