We work across a wide range of industry sectors on the entire range of business processes. Our cross industry experience enables us to bring fresh ideas, learnings and best practices from one industry to another.

Customers who benefit from process streamlining are those which have a high volume of processes that are repeated by a back office or administrative team. We are brought in when processes are manual, involve a lot of steps and have evolved over time to meet changing needs. There’s a sense of frustration that things take a long time and need a lot of effort, and a sense that they could be improved.

We typically deliver savings of between 25% – 50%. If you halve the amount of time it takes to run your business, you free up your team to either save operating costs or you can use their time to speed up your growth. Imagine what you could do with double the capacity! Would you take on more customers? Increase your product range? Focus on new markets? Increase your marketing?

Sectors and industries we work with include:

  • Insurance
  • Manufacturing
  • Recruitment
  • Digital Agencies
  • Accountants
  • Legal Firms
  • Travel Industry
  • Events Management
  • Removals
  • Facilities Management
  • Financial Services
  • Financial Advisors / Wealth Management

Processes we streamline, improve and automate include:

  • Customer orders
  • CRM optimisation
  • Operational processes
  • Provision of services
  • Marketing processes
  • Sales processes
  • Customer services
  • Case management
  • Project delivery
  • Event planning
  • Invoicing
  • HR processes
  • Expenses management

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